Skyhawks News · Congratulations to 9 seniors signing their Letter of Intent!

Last week a celebration was held for the following athletes who have signed their Letter of Intent to continue their education at a college or university.  Congratulations to the following athletes:

Troy Killman –  Arizona Christian University (basketball),  Alex McKeon – Glendale Community College (Track & Field), Tatiana Hall –  Glendale Community College (Track & Field), Brea Rudolph – Mitchell College in Connecticut (Volleyball), Matt Beard – Ottawa University (Mens’ Volleyball), A.J. Jassam – Paradise Valley Community College (Men’s soccer), Donny Smith – Phoenix Community College (Baseball).  Athletes not in attendance: Jack Puentes – Ottawa University (Mens’ Volleyball), Jacob Paige –  Paradise Valley Community College (Baseball).


Good luck to all of you!